Who am I?

I'm James, the owner, designer and inspector at Bourassa Design & Inspection.  Born and raised in central Maine, I attended college in Boston, achieving a Bachelor of Science in Architectural Engineering Tech from Wentworth Institute of Tehcnology.  Upon completion of my degree I accepted a job in Wyoming working at a commercial architectural firm.  After nine years of impersonal design, repetitive drafting and managing government dependent construction projects like jails and courthouses, I quit my job.  I headed first to the West coast for a year and then back to Maine.  I found I really enjoy the personal interaction of designing and inspecting people's dreams!  

What have I learned over the years?

Well, I learned the key to design is harmony.  I took concerns from multiple parties and meshed them together to create balanced buildings.  I solve problems and find solutions for issues and obstacles.  I take a vision and create a building from it.  Most importantly, I learned buildings are for people, not companies or governments, and those users of the buildings are what bring the building to life. 

So What do I do for Fun?

Lot of hobbies, but I'm going to share with you a picture of one of the kittens my girlfriend and I are fostering for the Somerset Animal Shelter.